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Welcome to Alexo Coaching, the professional development branche of Alexofin, trusted advisors since 2008.

We facilitate sustainable learning processes, related to professional goals.

Our structured programs enable executive, mid-level, and high-potential individuals and their teams to reach the next level of their professional and personal potential. Our approach has a clear focus on increasing self-awareness,  and encouraging purposeful action.
At the same time, we act as a critical, impartial mirror and provide a neutral sounding board.
Trust, confidentiality and ethical behavior are the principles which always form the basis of our cooperation. It all begins with a customized cooperation agreement.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

― Carl Jung (1875-1961)

Professional Coaching

‘A thinking partnership’

When it comes to our professional coaching service, we believe in the concept of “a thinking partnership.” While consultants and mentors provide answers and solutions, the professional coach specializes in creating a safe and inquisitive environment and asking insightful and inspiring questions, so that the client can shape appropriate answers and solutions based on his or her own strength.

More specifically, we clear the path for challenging conversations, creating space for growth and development. Our questioning promotes a deeper level of self-awareness and self-knowledge, allowing the client to better understand the why and the how to develop and fulfill their unique potential.

Our approach is based on an open and curious mindset, without prejudice or judgement. It is impartial, at once gentle and challenging, results-oriented and based on mutual trust.
Entering into a “thinking partnership” is the experience based on reciprocal extraordinary trust,with a professional listener and an inspirator in order to discover the best in yourself.


there are several reasons to consider professional coaching, including

  • Optimizing your leadership style
  • Improving your next-level communication skills
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Effective energy management
  • Personal growth
  • Changing roles or functions within a compa
  • Career guidance and promoting happiness in the workplace
  • Optimizing team dynamics
  • Guidance in transitions and change
  • Guidance in learning processes

Our coaching style is being perceived as warm and pragmatic, empathetic and challenging, and fully complies with the code of ethics prescribed by the International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest organization for professional coaching. This framework guarantees confidentiality, discretion and psychological safety.

During a free introductory meeting, we are happy to explore your personal affinity, listen to your goals and needs, and explore the potential of a unique collaborative mandate together.

Professionele Coaching

‘A thinking partnership’

Voor de professionele coaching van Alexo Coaching geloven we in het concept van “A thinking partnership”. Terwijl consultants en mentoren antwoorden en oplossingen bieden, heeft de professionele coach zich gespecialiseerd in het creëren van een veilige en leergierige omgeving en het stellen van inzichtelijke en inspirerende vragen, zodat de cliënt zelf passende antwoorden en oplossingen kan vinden.

Concreet maken we het pad vrij voor moedige gesprekken, waardoor er ruimte ontstaat voor groei en ontwikkeling. Onze vraagstelling bevordert een dieper niveau van zelfbewustzijn en zelfkennis, waardoor de cliënt beter begrijpt waarom en hoe hij zijn unieke potentieel kan ontwikkelen en benutten.

Leadership Development

Alpha leadership, coaching leadership, personal leadership – ‘What’s in a name?

At Alexo Coaching, we understand that leadership can take many forms, from alpha leadership to coaching leadership to personal leadership and many other styles.
The definition of leadership is a dynamic concept and is influenced by conscious and unconscious factors such as context, identity, environment and stakeholders. In our leadership development journey, we explore together with you the forms of leadership that suits you best and provide the relevant new skills that you can develop to excel in an agile way.

We also offer separate trainings, workshops and facilitation for leadership development, both individually and collectively, in support of your growth and that of your team. Our approach encourages valuable and human oriented exchanges amongst our participants. We provide models and exercises to achieve these goals.



Alfa leiderschap, coachend leiderschap, persoonlijk leiderschap – ‘What’s in a name?

Bij Alexo Coaching begrijpen we dat leiderschap vele vormen kan aannemen, van alfa leiderschap tot coachend leiderschap en persoonlijk leiderschap. De definitie van leiderschap is een dynamisch concept en varieert onder invloed van bewuste en onbewuste factoren zoals de context, omgeving en stakeholders. In onze leiderschapsontwikkeling onderzoeken we samen met u welke vorm van leiderschap het beste bij u past en welke nieuwe vaardigheden u kunt ontwikkelen om op een wendbare manier uit te blinken.

Daarnaast bieden we voor deze leiderschapsontwikkeling afzonderlijke trainingen, workshops en facilitering, zowel individueel als collectief, om uw groei te ondersteunen. Onze aanpak stimuleert waardevolle en menselijke gesprekken tussen deelnemers. We reiken modellen en oefeningen aan om dit te bereiken.


De fundamentele sleutel voor persoonlijke- en teamontwikkeling

Bij Alexo Coaching leggen we een sterke nadruk op communicatieontwikkeling als de fundamentele sleutel voor zowel persoonlijke als teamontwikkeling. Communicatieve vaardigheden zijn essentieel voor positieve teamdynamiek, klantbetrokkenheid, verkoopresultaten, leiderschap, bedrijfsvoering, overdracht van leiderschap en innovatie-initiatieven.

Onze communicatieontwikkeling gaat verder dan alleen theoretische kennis.

We richten ons ook op onbewuste drijfveren en blinde vlekken die communicatieve uitmuntendheid in de weg kunnen staan. Zodra de ruimte voor groei is gecreëerd, begeleiden we het leer- en groeitraject, zowel individueel als collectief. Onze co-actieve aanpak met in-the-moment feedback leidt tot een significante en duurzame verbetering van de persoonlijke communicatiekwaliteit en effectiviteit.

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Communication development

The fundamental key to personal and team development

At Alexo Coaching, we strongly emphasize on communication development as the fundamental key to both personal and team development. Communication skills are essential for positive team dynamics, customer engagement, sales results, leadership, business management, leadership transfer and innovation initiatives.

Our communication development goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

We also focus on unconscious drives and blind spots that can get in the way of communicative excellence. Once the space for growth is created, we guide the learning and growth journey, both individually and collectively. Our co-active approach with in-the-moment feedback leads to significant and sustainable improvement in personal communication quality and effectiveness.

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We provide offline and online services in Dutch, French and English. We are happy to listen to your goals and development needs. In consultation, we explore the potential of a unique collaboration mandate.

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Pascale Perard, ICF certified coach, PCC level

It is a privilege to meet the “human being” in the client and to provide a professional sounding board and a surprising mirror. Within an agreed mandate, we have courageous and confidential conversations focused on professional growth and I challenge our clients to discover and action the maximum potential in themselves.

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With Pascale Perard I can have confident conversations that give me a refreshing insight into whether my motives, my professional goals and ‘who I am’ are optimally aligned. This clarity brings about a shift and gives me just that ‘extra’ energy to go at it full force and with focus.

To the point and exploratory, at times challenging and reassuring at the same time, that’s how I experience her approach.

Mark V. – Executive Vice President, Services & Technology Operations U.S.

Pascale Perard is particularly well positioned to coach you in breaking new ground professionally. She herself is a very good example of what you can achieve if you follow your heart. My first coaching session with Pascale was quite intense and confronting, and very helpful. Pascale knows how to keep the focus and guides you with a lot of passion and patience.

Maureen K. Zaakvoerster, Online Retail, Tervuren

Like stepping into a helicopter and observing from above the forest in which you make your way daily … even discovering new paths.
As a person I am very rational, but there is obviously a lot of emotion driving me…very insightful to myself and those around me. Great work.

Roel H. – Partner Corporate Finance

Tristan M. – Chef de service développement des filières agricoles et forêt bois – France

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