How does training contribute to achieving your business goals?

Our coporate training & facilitation programs provide return on investment

Our corporate training, facilitation and coaching programs, organized either in Antwerp, on client premises, remote sites or online, contribute to increased self-awareness, improve communication skills, strengthen team dynamics and promote wellbeing and happiness in the workplace.

In 2019, the global investment in training and coaching was estimated at US$2,849 billion, representing a significant increase of 21% from 2015. What’s even more striking are the global ROI studies, that are reporting values ​​of 700% and even more.

Let’s agree:

  • Effective communication is an essential part of efficient collaboration.
  • We are humans and therefore we do not act or think 100% rationally.
  • An external, objective partner offers a fresh and new view of the manners and culture in an organization and facilitates courageous conversations that result in a greater well-being in the workplace.
  • An increased awareness of how others see the world from their perspective leads to improved collaboration, stimulates creativity and contributes to better results.

are you ready to invest in training, facilitation and coaching?

“Lead by Example”, that’s what they say. We strongly emphasize that the sponsor, management and executives actively participate in the process. The greater their involvement and the more concrete the support, the more commitment you can expect from your employees.

“Grass will not grow faster by pulling.” – The ROI of coaching and corporate training is influenced by the willingness of everyone involved. Therefore, choose a qualified professional coach and a tailor-made program that suits your needs.

Leadership Training

Unique corporate trianing for leaders

Our Leadership programs are distinguished by their intensity and duration. They are tailored to achieve specific objectives, taking into account the unique needs of the participant group. These groups can consist of teams within the same organization or employees with similar functions in different departments. The number of participants per program usually varies between 3 and 7 individuals.

Each trajectory is completely unique and is designed as an experiential journey with a minimum duration of 6 months. We measure progress using an anonymous ROI questionnaire to ensure we are achieving the set goals.


How we get started

  • We start by establishing a cooperation agreement and a clear mandate.
  • We agree whether we will organize anonymous surveys to measure ROI of certain growth objectives.
  • We create an environment that promotes trust and safety.
  • We provide communication guidelines to ensure effective interaction.
  • We stimulate innovation and growth by providing space for creative ideas.

What we facilitate for you

  • Understanding yourself as a leader and the impact you have
  • Understanding how to optimize your teams
  • We define a sustainable long-term action plan.
  • We facilitate optimization of communication skills, coaching skills, decision making, self-knowledge, energy management and other relevant facets of leadership.
  • We make agreements to monitor the continued progress.

What learning methods we provide

  • Facilitated classroom sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Real-time discussion platforms that can involve multiple stakeholders
  • We recommend integrating at least one assessment, as a catalyst for each participant’s development of self-awareness.

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Focus training programs

Our Focus corporate training courses are characterized by models and exercises to develop and grow communication skills that can provide significant added value to groups and teams in fulfilling their roles and functions in the workplace. Each workshop is a dynamic experience driven by the active involvement of all team participants. Group and team dynamics play a crucial role here.

Our current offerings of focus training programs includes

  • Strategic Communication (option: iEQ9 Assessment)
  • Communicating across differences (option: iEQ9 Assessment)
  • Presentation skills
  • Build more trust
  • Emotional Intelligence (option: EQ Assessment)
  • Efficient Meetings
  • Energy Management
  • Inspirational coaching skills

These themes can be combined à la carte, in half or full days, and the content is adapted to the knowledge level of the participants. We also offer optional individual assessments and pre-work assignments.

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Improving team dynamics

Patrick Lencioni’s well-known model describes five pitfalls for team performance and emphasizes the relationship between the importance of the team and the importance of each individual within that team. Creating and maintaining psychological safety in the workplace is the first step in these company training courses.

This is the starting point for:

  • developing more trust within the team
  • engaging in constructive conversations
  • promoting engagement
  • promoting self-responsibility
  • achieving collective success

We have chosen to discuss this growth process while discovering and analyzing the team’s Enneagram Profile.

The Enneagram model, which is centuries old and has been adapted for professional purposes, has proven its success in leading companies and influential organizations worldwide. More information about this can be found here.

iEQ9 reporting provides a secure platform for dialogues about the team’s specific strengths and challenges, the team’s underlying drivers, and the team’s communication and conflict style. This report is created based on the individual Enneagram profiles and is influenced by the company culture.


Each growth path evolves organically, based on the specific objectives set and the unique composition of the group or team. We conduct anonymous surveys with participants, both before and after the process, to measure qualitative results. Depending on the size of the team, we work with one or more iEQ9 Practitioners, certified by ICF.

We emphasize that the concrete involvement of management and executives plays a crucial role in the outcome of the growth trajectory.

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