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Scientific research (Lee et al. 2002, Nirino et al., 2021) on ‘ESG’ or ‘Sustainability’ shows that employee retention, motivation, organizational culture and corporate reputation are the sustainability pillars that strongly drive a company’s financial performance. Lower hiring costs, lower staff turnover, increased productivity and innovation, increased service levels and a stronger corporate reputation are hallmarks of organizations where teams feel good. A business leader therefore considers the well-being of his team as a top priority. So take action today for a better future for your team and your company.

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

― Doug Conant

The benefits of the etws (emplyee & team wellbeing scan)

Our Employee Wellness Scan is a comprehensive and data-driven approach to improving employee satisfaction and well-being. This is what it includes:


  • Individual Wellness Assessment: Understand the emotional and physical health of each team member so you can tailor your leadership approach.
  • Team Dynamics Analysis: Understand the dynamics within your team and identify areas for improvement and cohesion.
  • Stress and Burnout Prevention: Implement strategies to reduce stress and prevent burnout so your team stays healthy and motivated.
  • Improve Communication: Learn to communicate more effectively and foster better relationships among your team members.
  • Leadership Development: Sharpen your leadership skills and become the inspiring and supportive leader your team deserves.

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