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‘A thinking partnership’

Our individual coaching programs

In our individual coaching programs, we form thinking partnerships between the coachee and the coach. The coachee is encouraged and supported to embrace personal challenges and obstacles, with the ultimate goal of committing to a new step forward, both in the work and life context. This individual coaching typically has a duration of 6 months or more.

In our approach, the coachee and the coach are in a non-hierarchical, co-creative and co-active relationship. As a coachee, you can count on a critical, judgment-free mirror and an impartial, strictly confidential sounding board.



Focus areas

The focus areas of our individual coaching services can include topics such as:

  • Persuasion & Presence
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Branding
  • Energy Management
  • Advanced Feedback skills
  • Coaching skills

Our approach

Our approach is co-active, gentle and challenging, and always results-oriented. In our individual coaching programs, we pay attention to detail. Moreover, our approach is based on mutual respect and trust. We follow the code of ethics as established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Our individual coaching approach put into in practice:

  • Your goals are analyzed and refined.
  • Your strengths and unique values are identified.
  • Thinking patterns are put into perspective.
  • Possible triggers, impeding thoughts, blind spots are examined.
  • A rational and objective mirror is held up to you.
  • New insights are gained.
  • An action plan is drawn up in steps.
  • The learning process is monitored and continuously adjusted in the context of the predetermined objective.

Our clients

Our individual coaching is used by a wide range of clients. They consist of C-suite executives, managers, entrepreneurs, executives and high-potentials.
They all are determined to explore their personal potential and they are open to learning and growth, both personally and in their professional roles.

We have extensive experience in various fields, including Law Practices, Public Administration, Financial Services, ICT, Healthcare, Education, Technology & Construction, Logistics, HR and Trade.

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Our individual coaching programs always begin with an exploratory conversation. Contact us now to make an appointment.

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