1) Take yourself seriously

Today you have a place on this planet. You are alive.
Today you have the potential to learn how to manage your brain & intelligence.
Today you step up and take yourself seriously.
Own your identity.
That’s what is called Personal Leadership.

Belonging starts with the inclusion of your self.
It is the first stepping stone towards an intelligent society.
Your Personal Leadership will contribute to a future better world.

2) Take your ‘business’ seriously

Your business or organisation can increase happiness for at least one other person than yourself!
Your business or organisation can help rebuild the human ecosystem.
Your business or organisation has the power to change the world.
Own your business in life. 

Taking you seriously!

– With more than 25 years of experience in sales & marketing, business development
– Certified by International Coaching Federation, PCC credential
– Practitioner of Integrative Enneagram
– Trainings: Systemic coaching, EQi 2.0, ACT, Stress & Burn-out prevention… 

It is my privilege to establish a magical co-creative coachee-coach relationship with you, and to take on the journey towards change & transformation.


– Strategic Communication Skills
– How to get past ‘No’
– Decision making
– Setting boundaries
– Managing stress
– Talents & Values
– Don’t know what I want
– Coach me towards my goal
– Leadership skills for the future
– Conflict style analysis
– Discovering blind spots of your personality
– …

This website has a lot of content in the Dutch language. An English version is planned.
Please, for all your questions on leadership coaching & communication training, just send me an email and we’ll get in touch – on Teams / Zoom / Whatsapp… :
Looking forward!

Voor ondernemers en bedrijven

Kiezen voor maximaal potentieel:

• Begeleiding van persoonlijke groeitrajecten, één op één
• Workshops voor focus-groepen
• Consulting in business development

Voor particulieren en organisaties

Kiezen voor maximaal potentieel: • Personal coaching • Oriëntatie studiekeuze • Workshops en voordrachten