“Live, dream, do”
Those three words I wrote in ink on every first page of my debut novel ‘A.G. The story of an Artist’, back in 2014.

The three words were initially chosen to summarize the essence of this fiction story, about an artist who unconsciously hinders himself to fulfill his childhood dream.

In 2015 “live, dream, do” evolved into a personal philosophy of life that I propagated during lectures in which I told about my own childhood dream come true (writing a novel / directing a movie).
At first, the attention from the audience fulfilled my personal needs.

But soon I realized that the true fulfillment lied in passing on the spirit, the energy and the insights to others, on their own quest for their own Life-Art.

To facilitate this mission, I dived into an in depth process of learning & personal development: getting to understand our brain – how does the brain learn – how do we let our brain sabotage us – how can we manage our brain more effectively in order to increase our self awareness, self expression, stress management, decision making and social skills?

Today it feels like a privilege to be a Professional Certified Coach and to guide courageous and entrepreneurial persons like yourself towards their goals and purposes in life and business.

How? By applying a brain evidence based approach for behavioral change,
and by

  1. Guiding you to become conscious about ‘being alive’
  2. Assisting you to understand your own ‘unconsciously driven dream’ and accelerate a process of change,  towards more empowering behavior.
  3. Coaching you along your path of actions.

Make no mistake, this is not about consultancy or mentorship.
Coaching will empower you to develop your own solutions to issues and goals. Coaching incites genuine and profound motivation within yourself. This increases the chances of action tenfold.

You can work with me from wherever you are, since the world is flat today.
It takes nothing more than a courageous video call or an e-mail to start your own process of ‘living, dreaming, doing.’
A true honor it is, to become your online co-creative trusted partner.

Let’s make this world more intelligent together!

You can see this website has a lot of content in the Dutch language. An English version is planned.
Please, for all your questions on executive coaching, leadership coaching, communication training, personal coaching today, just send me an email and we’ll get in touch: pascale.perard@nullalexocoaching.com
Looking forward!

Voor ondernemers en bedrijven

Kiezen voor maximaal potentieel:

• Begeleiding van persoonlijke groeitrajecten, één op één
• Workshops voor focus-groepen
• Consulting in business development

Voor particulieren en organisaties

Kiezen voor maximaal potentieel: • Personal coaching • Oriëntatie studiekeuze • Workshops en voordrachten