How can I help you as
an ICF certified coach
accredited iEQ9 practitioner?


The world is flat.
Since Covid-19 introduced itself, the world got even flatter.
Today we connect with our business partners, colleagues, family and friends over the internet. We’ve got used to this.

So, why not consider engaging your next professional coach from a totally different country or continent than your own?
The world might be flat today.
But to make sustainable and effective changes, you’ll still need that curve towards growth!

– Leadership skills
– Employee engagement
– Talent development
– Strategic communication
– Business coaching
– Personal coaching

I organise video chat sessions for one-on-one and for team coaching & training.
Languages: Dutch & English

Interested in a co-creative collaboration with a professional who supports your unique growth process, from good to great?
Whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, creative, lawyer or MD, I guide you to develop your leadership skills, strategic communication, employee engagement and energy management.

Feel free to book a free online Q&A session of 30 minutes.
Mobile: +32 476 43 90 48 or send a mail

Voor ondernemers en bedrijven

Kiezen voor maximaal potentieel:

• Begeleiding van persoonlijke groeitrajecten, één op één
• Workshops voor focus-groepen
• Consulting in business development

Voor particulieren en organisaties

Kiezen voor maximaal potentieel: • Personal coaching • Oriëntatie studiekeuze • Workshops en voordrachten